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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your terms and conditions?

Good question. Here's a link to our complete terms and conditions.

Does Sun offer a Military Discount?

Unfortunately, we do not offer a Military Discount at this time.

Can Sun sponsor me, my team, or my event?

We are always stoked to get to know riders who are as passionate about Sun as we are. Your local retailer is the best resource if you are interested in getting support. You can also regularly check our social media channels for any ambassador or spon

How do I become a Sun Bicycles Retailer

Sun Bicycles is distributed exclusively through J&B Importers to our nationwide network of authorized specialty retailers, i.e., Bike Shops. The first step to becoming a Sun Bicycles retailer is establishing a wholesale account with J&B Importers. Ch

Unicycle Sizing

Unicycle size details. What does Cut mean?  All  20", 24", 26", and 29" unicycles come stock with a 300mm long seatpost which can be cut down to achieve the lower minimum seat-to-pedal and minimum seat-to-ground measurements listed in the chart above

Are Sun bicycles available in other countries?

Sun Bicycles are currently only available in North America.

How to find and read the serial number on your bicycle

Serial Number Format. Serial Number Location. The serial number on your Sun bicycle or trike is permanently stamped on the frame. Record Your Serial Number. Recording the serial number of your bicycle is a good idea for several reasons:. 1.  Theft Pr

Guidelines for E-bike Battery Charging, Storage, & Transport

Proper charging and storage are essential for maintaining the health and longevity of an electric bicycle (e-Bike) battery. Here are some best practices to follow:. Charging Practices. 1.  Use the Correct Charger: Always use the charger that comes wi

Where can I buy touch-up paint

Unfortunately, we've had to discontinue offering touch-up paint for our bicycles due to the complexities of import regulations and the product's short shelf life, posing challenges in maintaining a consistent supply. However, your best option now is

Can I buy decals for my Sun bicycle?

The decals on all Sun trikes and bicycles are applied before the final clear coat during painting. This method ensures seamless integration with the bike's frame, enhancing its appearance and durability. However, because of this integration, replacin

Which car rack is compatible with my Sun Trike?

We suggest the Hollywood HR1500 hitch rack with the HR1500 Sport Rider Trike Adapter Kit for the following trike models:. TRADITIONAL 24. TRADITIONAL 24 7 SPEED. TRADITIONAL 20. E350 ELECTRIC TRIKE. BAJA TRIKE. ATLAS TRANSIT. ATLAS CARGO 24. There ar