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How do I become a Sun Bicycles RetailerUpdated 9 months ago

Sun Bicycles is distributed exclusively through J&B Importers to our nationwide network of authorized specialty retailers, i.e., Bike Shops. The first step to becoming a Sun Bicycles retailer is establishing a wholesale account with J&B Importers. Check out our New Dealer Information.

To be considered for Sun Bicycles, you must be a full-service, brick-and-mortar bike shop. All non-retail businesses, mobile bike shops, and manufacturers are not eligible. Additionally, your proximity to existing Sun Bicycles retailers will be factored in when determining eligibility.

Please contact Sabrina, our New Accounts Specialist, if you have any questions during the application process.

Sabrina Shamon:  P: (800) 666-5000 Ext 213 E: [email protected]

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