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How to find and read the serial number on your bicycleUpdated 5 months ago

Serial Number Format

  • Serial numbers on bicycles and adult trikes produced before 2016 may be formatted differently.  Please contact Sun Bicycles for guidance.
  • The serial number DOES NOT INCLUDE a model identifier.  The bike itself will have a model name somewhere on the frame.
  • The serial number DOES NOT INCLUDE a paint color identifier.

Serial Number Location

The serial number on your Sun bicycle or trike is permanently stamped on the frame.


  • The serial number is usually located under the bike's bottom bracket,  but it can also be on the head tube or on the inside or outside edge of the rear dropout.
  • The serial number is stamped into the frame before painting and can be challenging to read, so be sure to inspect carefully.
  • The serial number may be formatted as one or two rows and stamped along the edge or across the BB shell.

Record Your Serial Number

Recording the serial number of your bicycle is a good idea for several reasons:

1.  Theft Prevention and Recovery: If your bike is stolen, having the serial number recorded will help law enforcement agencies identify and recover it. The serial number is a unique identifier for your bicycle, and many police departments use these numbers in their databases for stolen property.

2.  Proof of Ownership: In the event that you need to prove that the bicycle is yours, the serial number can serve as proof of ownership. This is particularly useful if you need to claim the bike from police custody or deal with insurance claims.

3.  Insurance Purposes: Some insurance policies for bicycles or personal property might require a serial number to provide coverage or to process a claim if your bike is lost or stolen.

4.  Warranty Claims: If you ever need to make a warranty claim, the manufacturer may require the serial number to verify the bike’s model and age.

Remember to keep this information secure and private, as it is unique to your bicycle.

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