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Sun Folding Bike Service BulletinUpdated 17 days ago

DATE:  May 23, 2023



The tension adjustment bolt on the frame joint quick-release mechanism, hereafter referred to as QR & QR-Adjustment Bolt can come out of adjustment when left in the open position, such as when transporting the bike in the folded position. To remedy this, replace the original QR Adjustment Bolt with our updated version, p/n 881011, which includes applied Loctite on the threads to prevent accidental rotation of the QR-Adjustment Bolt. Any rotation, clockwise or counterclockwise, will affect the QR tension. The rider should check the QR tension on the frame joint and inspect the frame for any signs of cracking before each ride. Failure to maintain adequate QR tension at the the frame joint can damage the frame and QR mechanism.


MODEL(S):  Sun Bicycles - Shortcut Folding Bikes

  • P/N 670295 - Shortcut 1 - Satin Black
  • P/N 670296 - Shortcut 3 - Blue Pearl
  • P/N 670297 - Shortcut 7 - Slate

                                                           ACTION REQUIRED                                                              

Replace the original bolt with the new version, which has pre-applied Loctite.  Contact your local Sun retailer to arrange this quick and easy replacement.  

1.  Remove the original Quick-Release Lever Tension Adjustment Bolts

2.  Replace the original bolt with the updated Quick-Release Lever Tension Adjustment Bolt, which has applied Loctite on the threads.  IF ASSEMBLING A NEW BIKE, CHECK THE BIKE CARTON FOR A NEW HARDWARE PACKET THAT CONTAINS THE NEW BOLT.

                                                  REPLACEMENT PARTS LIST                                                        

P/N 881011 - Folding Frame Quick-Release Lever Tension Adjustment Bolt with applied Loctite.


For questions about this matter, please contact your local Sun Bicycles retailer.  Click HERE to locate a Sun Bicycles retailer in your area.

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